Ik Ardaas - Official Music Video | Santu Singh | Meetu Praveen | CME | Major Media
👉🏻 SUBSCRIBE to Zee Music Company - https://bit.ly/2yPcBkS There’s only one light that connects us all together and that divine power is whom we pray to today in these uncertain times. regardless of what race, religion, or creed you are. We are all a part of that "one". All It Takes is a single prayer from the heart to connect to the divine, to reach out to the almighty. Here’s my way of reaching out to Him. Music can change people to help change the world. Ik Ardaas "Naam Khumari Nanaka Chadi Rahe Din Raat" vaani. This is the profound and simplified manner in which all seekers long for. Can one escape the inevitable? Therefore one is always trying to achieve this perfection. all his faculties are overwhelming him with this mantra... till the subconscious is flooded. Wow. It is this time the seeker knows he is now with his maker. He does feel ecstasy or pain. He is with his maker reveling in his luminescence. When he is in this state he starts feeling the pain of his brothers and sisters. He is stable and wants the same journey for his brethren. He starts slowly to chant the lines. The magic is woven for all to hear. By, Colonel Ashwani Sharma. Singer - Santu Singh Producer - CME Crown Media & Entertainment Lyrics - Tarun Sagar & Mayank Gera Music -Santu Singh & Praveen Meetu Vocal recordist - Santu Singh Mixing and mastering - Suki Chand Co mixer - Santu Singh Video production - Major Media Directed by Major Singh Takhar Costume - Bramjhot Singh Video coloring - Major Singh Takhar Drone equipment - Pashy Singh Graphic Design - Shaan Singh Stock footage provided by Videvo, Pixabay & Coverr Special Thanks Geena Dosanjh, Suryaveer, Pyara Singh Randhawa, Sukhraj Gill, Giani Amarjit Singh, Deedar Singh, Gurrehmat Singh, Kulwinder Singh Sahota, Shaan Singh, Guru Nanak Darbaar Gurdwara Gravesend, and Committee. Special Thank you to Mangal Singh for his guidance and support, without him this would not have been Possible. Music on Zee Music Company Connect with us on : Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/ZeeMusicCompany Facebook - https://ift.tt/1lWfeQM Instagram - https://ift.tt/2ZTPFct YouTube - http://bit.ly/TYZMC

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